Attorney Glenn Williams TV Interview re: Hurricane Storm Shutters Life Safety Dangers Petition

CBS News Channel 12 interviewed atty Glenn Williams in West Palm Beach, FL about the storm shutter petition he has filed with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission seeking safety warnings or safety precautions to be installed to prevent storm shutter danger.

“Nobody is warning consumers or homeowners about the potential life safety [storm shutter] dangers,” declared Mr. Williams.

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Storm Shutter Danger

In 2008 Esther Mibab died after fire broke out in her home while her shutters were closed. Other deaths and property loss have been logged over the years, and not just in Florida. Attorney Glenn Williams, owner of Williams Law Firm wants to prevent these impending storm shutter dangers from happening to somebody else’s mother, father, sister, or brother.

Second News Story About atty Glenn Williams’ Storm Shutter Petition

The above television news video of the owner of Williams Law Firm, Glenn Williams, was shared from

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