Construction Attorneys

Florida AttorneysOur Construction Lawyers focus on all aspects of public and private construction projects, prosecuting or defending, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, insurers, insured’s and sureties.

Commercial or Business Law

Commercial Lawyers in OrlandoWilliams Law Firm focuses on a wide-area of commercial litigation and legal counseling for businesses from entity formation to general business administration to commercial collections to prosecution of commercial matters or defense of lawsuits.

Collection Law

legal collection servicesOur Law Firm's Collection of Debt practice begins from Attorney Demand Letters to Judgment Collections. We provide Debt Collection Services or the defense of debt collection matters throughout Florida.

Real Estate Litigation

Orlando Foreclosure Lawyers

Williams Law Firm represents clients involved in real estate disputes, including mortgage foreclosures, landlord tenant matters, construction lien foreclosures, HOA disputes, real estate sales, etc.

Notice To Owner Services

legal NTO notice to owner service
Our Construction Lawyers provide a comprehensive NTO Service that is only $35 (plus postage), and every notice is reviewed by a Florida Construction Attorney at no additional charge! Call us and Get Paid!

Claim Of Lien Services

claim of lien serviceOur Construction Lawyers charge a flat fee for simple Claim of Lien Service - only $149 (plus postage and recording), prepared by a construction attorney! We also have a combination discount service if you want us to prepare a Claim of Lien and Attorney Demand Letter for a low flat fee.

Relationship Focused:

Williams Law Firm applies specialized legal experience in construction, business, contracts, litigation and trial law to provide clients with cost-effecive, solution-oriented advice to identify risks, avoid unnecessary risks, and resolve legal issues in a practical, cost-effective and goal-oriented manner, with recommendations on how to improve your business practices, if necessary. Your success is our success!

Free Initial Consultations!

We provide free initial phone consultations (30 minute limit). Please call 407-926-4100 to schedule your free consultation. Please be prepared to identify those entities or people who are involved with your situation as we first run a conflicts check.